Three Ways Thermal Imaging Can Help Identify Hidden Problems

Thermal imaging equipment can have a significant impact on unit performance (operating cost), equipment reliability, and environmental compliance in a variety of industrial operations. In the hands of an experienced inspector, thermal imaging cameras can identify hidden problems, like cracks and small holes in equipment, ducts, and expansion joints in pulp and paper, cement, biomass, and other plant environments. Skilled contractors use these highly sensitive instruments to:

  1. Detect ineffective insulation on ducts, bag houses, scrubbers, and boiler casings, hot or cold.

  2. Identify defects in expansion joints and connecting duct frames during unit operation, without scaffolding. Often times, cracks and small holes are not visible to the naked eye.

  3. Establish fan or pump motor temperature profiles for predictive maintenance

These are just a few of the many benefits being realized by operations that rely on these professional services to help keep their plants online around the clock. For more ways that our thermal imaging inspection services can save you time, money, and future problems, visit the Corrosion Monitoring Services (CMS) blog at