• CMS Employees Rebuilding an Air Heater

    Extended Service Life of Tubular Air Preheaters

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  • CMS Employees Repairing an Air Heater

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About Us

At Corrosion Monitoring Services, we have significantly advanced the technology, understanding, and approach for the inspection and repair of essential equipment such as tubular air heaters, air ducts, heat exchangers, multi-cyclone dust collectors, evaporators, clinker coolers, and surface condensers. Corrosion Monitoring Services provides long-term operational solutions that protect the tubular air heater from erosion, corrosion, and fly ash fouling. Our inspection and repair solutions have helped hundreds of utilities and companies in other industries optimize their operational efficiency, regain capacity, and improve the performance of their pollution control systems.

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Inspection Services

CMS offers a wide range of inspection options for Tubular Air Heaters, Air to Air Heat Exchangers, Dust Collectors, Recuperators, Bag Houses, Gas Ducts and Ash Hoppers that can identify any existing tube failure and accurately predict future failure rates.

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Repair Services

Our goal is to get you back up and running to maximum efficiency as quickly as possible, so that you are able to realize measurable improvements immediately.

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Performance Services

Our suite of tools can help to justify the cost of repairs, provide technical calculations to support grant proposals, evaluate the impacts of tube configuration changes, or almost any other air preheater performance-related issue.

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Mechanical Dust Collector Maintenance

CMS offers scheduled and emergency repair services for dust collectors and other industrial equipment in power plants, pulp and paper operations, cement plants, refuse processing, and biomass facilities.

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