Save Time and Money with CMS Clinker Cooler Rapid Repair™ Options

If your clinker cooler is underperforming or in the process of failing, we have some good news for you. In many cases, it can be repaired rather than replaced. The days of treating the entire heat exchanger as a single part are over. There may be no need to change out the entire module, a high cost and time-consuming process. You now have the option of upgrading eroded sections of your heat exchanger with minimal disruption to your operation.

“Usually, there is only about 10% of that unit that is damaged,” according to Kyle Ekhoff, a Cement Industry Business Development Manager for CMS. “You’re looking at a project that could take a 20-man crew to remove all of the duct work and the electrical that is running across and around the unit, unbolting it, cutting it, and scrapping it. Then you have to bolt up a new unit and have an expensive crew onsite for two weeks just because there has never been another option other than replacements.”

Erosive clinker dust can sand blast heat exchanger tubes, creating holes that severely hamper the cooler and impact operating equipment up and downstream. CMS accesses the damage to these units, and whenever possible, uses proprietary alloys and processes to repair the damaged areas quickly. “Our goal is to upgrade the equipment with our proprietary technology,” notes Ekhoff. “We take the unit apart and provided upgrades to protect the tube sheet. Nobody else is doing this yet that we know of.”

CMS’s heat exchanger repair option is not an off-the-shelf, unnecessary overkill solution. “What makes us different is that we are able to selectively repair the damaged 5 ft. at the inlet of the tube instead of replacing the whole tube (or the entire unit),” points out Ekhoff. “So we can retrofit the current model as is, and that greatly reduces our presence onsite, the footprint of our job, and the overall cost of the project. You can reach the same end-result on a much shorter path.” In addition, the CMS repair solution eliminates the front-end engineering work needed plan for a major replacement project.

Repair can also help you avoid the hidden or potential problems that can occur during the longer installation process involved with installing brand new equipment. “Point us in the right direction, tell us where you want to put the new and old tubes, and we’ll call you in five days when we’re done,” says Ekhoff. “The amount of support that we don’t require, I can’t even begin to put that into savings. It’s one of those things that if we could calculate a number, it would be significant.”

As an added alternative, CMS offers reliable high angle rope access, APRIS, UAV and other inspection services that help its customers pinpoint problem areas in hard-to-access areas of a plant. We also offer a world-class safety program (OSHA-SHARP designation) that provides you with access to a variety of services, including onsite confined space entry personnel and rescue teams (often former or current firefighters). CMS has been providing trustworthy solutions to the Cement, Energy, and other Industries since 1982.