Welcome to Corrosion Monitoring Services, Inc.

Corrosion Monitoring Services, Inc. (CMS) has been helping customers assess, monitor and repair air heater damage caused by various types of corrosion for 30 years. When we started our business in 1982, we provided eddy current and ultrasonic testing that measured and monitored corrosion damage for electric utlilities, refineries, chemical plants and paper / pulp mills, throughout the United States and Canada. We incorporated our company in 1985 and over the years have expanded our services.

Today, CMS is the only company in the world to offer complete integrated corrosion assessment and repair services for tubular air heaters. We have broadened our services internationally to Central and South America as well. Our comprehensive assessment programs provide an accurate cross-sectional picture of the entire air heater, pinpointing all areas of tube damage. Using proprietary tooling, our team of specialists provide innovative solutions that can cost-effectively repair all aspects of air heater damage.

The vast majority of our skilled technicians have worked for us for many years. For them and for us, safety is of the utmost importance. We are proud to say that CMS has maintained an impeccable safety record over the years.

Our assessment services include: visual inspection, air testing, sonic eye testing and tube removal for damage mechanism determination. Our repair services include: sleeving and plugging of tubes, tube sheet replacement, tube sheet overlays, partial and full tube replacements, as a result of dew point corrosion, fly ash erosion and external corrosion. Our turnkey air heater services are proven to maximize your air heater efficiency for years.