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Corrosion Monitoring Services, Inc. (CMS) has been helping customers assess, monitor and repair air heater damage caused by various types of corrosion for 30 years. CMS has always understood the unique aspect of safety while doing this type of work. CMS is now a safety company doing air heater inspections and repair around the world. Specifically, the inherent risks of working within a confined space. Sixty percent of confined space rescues result in the death of the rescuer. What CMS has put together is a process to reduce or eliminate all deaths in confined spaces.

The CMS Process

  1. Hazard Assessment Form that cross references every safety standard written that applies to a confined space (OSHA, MSHA, NFPA, ANSI, CGA and others).
  2. Entry Permit that detail all required PPE and Hazard Mitigation
  3. Rescue Plan the details how a victim will be treated and extracted for every possible situation (heart attack, broken bone, scaffolding collapse ect.)
    1. Non-IDLH
    2. IDLH
  4. CMS creates new respect of confined space personnel
    1. Work to Rescue Certified Attendant
    2. Work to Rescue Certified Officer
    3. Work to Rescue Certified Supervisor
    4. Work to Rescue Certified Entrant

Since August 1, 2013 CMS has performed 22 Mock Rescues in Paper Mills, Garbage Incinerators, and Electric Utilities with the average response times of

  1. Contact with victim in less than 30 seconds
  2. Medical Assessment in less than 2 minutes
  3. Extraction to the Muster Point in less than 7 minutes.

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