Safety Services

Safety Services

Like customers in the industries CMS serves, we take safety seriously. CMS Safety Services are unique within the industry. Most of our safety officers and confined space attendants are current or former firefighters with decades of experience responding to confined space and other emergencies. We pride ourselves in both the rigorous and extensive training that our employees receive and the cutting-edge equipment that we supply during outages.

On a regular basis, our Rescue Services Crews help customers in a variety of capacities, providing standby rescue services, high angle rescue training, and confined space inventories. In fact, we provide complete outsourcing of outage safety needs, including suppling all confined space attendants and safety officers to direct the outage.

Our safety record speaks for itself. In fact, CMS earned an OSHA SHARP perfect score. Although we work hard to minimize risks, we are still able to meet your demanding inspection, repair, and replacement schedules in a timely fashion. We just do it safely. Consider CMS the next time you are searching for a construction safety staffing firm or an on-site rescue team that you can rely on − whether it’s for planned or unplanned maintenance.

CMS can configure safety services and training options to meet your unique needs.
  • Standby Rescue.
  • Rescue Trained Confined Space Attendants.
  • Consulting.
  • Onsite Training.
  • Confined Space Inventory.
  • Equipment Rental.
  • Safety Services.
  • High Angle Inspection.

CMS’s safety program is world class compared to others that I see in the industry. They’ve got an excellent program, and they’re a contractor that I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with again. You can have all of the best equipment, but if you don’t have the best people to operate it, you’re not running optimally.

John O’RourkePlant Manager, CSWS RRF, Hartford, CT

Confined Space Safety Services

CMS repair crews participate in comprehensive and specialized confined space safety training before they ever work on a job site. In fact, we are the only tubular air heater inspection and repair contractor in the U.S. that offers NFPA 1007 and 1670 worker-to-rescue training certification.

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Standby Rescue

Due to the level of training and rescue equipment brought to each job site by CMS, our working crew can double as a standby rescue team. For example, our employees receive extensive training in confined space rescue as well as high angle rescue.

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Worker to Rescuer Training

CMS has developed a customized training program known as “worker-to-rescuer”. Completing the worker to rescuer training program enables our employees to transition from their traditional roles as workers into a fully qualified and competent team capable of responding to any confined space emergency.

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