Worker to Rescuer Training

Worker to Rescuer Training

CMS has developed a customized training program known as “worker-to-rescuer”. Completing the worker to rescuer training program enables our employees to transition from their traditional roles as workers into a fully qualified and competent team capable of responding to any confined space emergency. We offer a variety of rescue service plans, hands-on training classroom and onsite courses to fit your unique needs.

The CMS patent pending “Worker to Rescuer™” safety system is a revolutionary approach to confined space safety. Our belief is that confined space workers represent the first and best line of defense to both prevent and respond to a confined space emergency.

This program trains confined space entrants to transition from their traditional role as workers, into a professional rescue team capable of responding to any confined space emergency.

Partial Tube Repair CMS employees being trained in our full-scale tubular air heater training simulator.

Every CMS employee has received this training. Our in-house instructors are professional rescuers with decades of training and experience responding to confined space emergencies.

Using our full scale multi-story confined space simulator, workers receive over 150 hours of hands on training that includes:
  • First-Aid, AED, CPR
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • Incident Command/Management System
  • Supplied air and respirators
  • Rapid intervention team operations
  • Patient packaging techniques
  • Non-entry rescue operations; and
  • Simulated rescue operations