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Tubular Air Heater Repair

CMS is a specialty contractor solely focused on the craft of inspecting, repairing, and rebuilding tubular air pre-heaters. During the company’s thirty year history, we have repaired or rebuilt thousands of tubular air pre-heaters across the United States and abroad. In the process, we have gained international renown for our experience and expertise in this field.

Our repair methods are driven by our solution oriented philosophy and our goal is not only to return the air heater to ‘as built condition’ but to apply CMS cutting edge technology to improve air heater performance and service life.

We are the only company in the world that offers comprehensive warranties against fly ash erosion, dew point corrosion, fly ash plugging and external corrosion.  

Additionally, on a post repair basis, CMS offers comprehensive inspection programs and an online monitoring system that provides real time data on the condition of the air pre-heater. These predictive tools help ensure that the air pre-heater never compromises production, operational, or pollution control objectives.

CMS Materials


CMS erosion resitant sleeves protect the existing air heater tube from erosion damage and cover holes created by erosion or corrosion.


Our tapered plug creates an air tight seal and allows for easy installation in a wide range of tube wall thicknesses..