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Fly Ash Erosion

Fly Ash Fouling

Example of severe erosion pattern at top tubesheet plate.

Understanding the Problem

Wear damage caused by fly ash erosion is an extremely common damage mechanism in tubular air heaters and air to air heat exchangers. Fine particulates in gas streams cause both tubes and tubesheet plates to thin and fail over time.

Factors that influence erosion patterns:

  • The velocity of flue gas
  • The configuration of ducting
  • Fuel source composition
  • Gas flow patterns
  • Soot blower flashing

These factors commonly result in localized patterns of wear damage which, if left unchecked, can have a major impact on equipment performance.

Short Term Solutions

CMS Hardened Sleeves Installed

CMS removes only the damaged area of equipment and upgrades the design and metallurgy of the replacement material to prevent reoccurrence of erosion damage.

CMS has developed a number of field perfected solutions that can provide short term relief to address erosion wear damage in tubular air heaters and air to air heat exchangers. One of our most popular solutions to address this problem, is to pro-actively install CMS heat treated hardened sleeves at the gas inlet of areas vulnerable to wear damage.

Other short-term CMS solutions for this problem include:

  • Tubesheet plate upgrades
  • Tubesheet plate modification
  • Installing airtight sleeves to return failed tubes to service

Long Term Solutions

CMS has developed new technology for long term relief from fly ash erosion damage in tubular air heaters and air to air heat exchangers. The CMS Erosion Resistant Optimal Solution or EROS is a patent pending design that eliminates the root cause of this damage mechanism.

Benefits of the CMS EROSĀ®:

  • Zero increase in unit pressure drop
  • Long term protection from fly ash erosion
  • Preventative maintenance program
  • 5 year warranty

CMS Materials


CMS erosion resitant sleeves protect the existing air heater tube from erosion damage and cover holes created by erosion or corrosion.


Our tapered plug creates an air tight seal and allows for easy installation in a wide range of tube wall thicknesses..