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CMS Emergency Repair Services

In many cases, boiler operators are forced to de-rate their plants due precisely to air pre-heater leakage and fouling. Statistics from the NERC GADS database demonstrate that between 2007 and 2011 a total of 3,233,636 MWH of forced de-rates were lost due to ‘Combustion Air & Gas Causes’. If a generating unit can no longer attain the desired generation at the boiler or unit maximum capability rating (MCS) this reduces sales revenue at a time when the value for energy is the highest.

At CMS, we pride ourselves on our ability to react at a moment’s notice and help our clients regain capacity. The ability to mobilize and complete complex repairs on an emergency basis within a ridged timeframe is a core competence at CMS. We understand the financial implications at stake and through decades of experience we have learned to prepare for the unexpected. CMS maintains over a million liner feet of steel at our fabrication facility for precise purpose of responding to the needs of your emergency.

CMS Materials


CMS erosion resitant sleeves protect the existing air heater tube from erosion damage and cover holes created by erosion or corrosion.


Our tapered plug creates an air tight seal and allows for easy installation in a wide range of tube wall thicknesses..