Air Leakage Calculator

Air Leakage Calculator

Corrosion and Plugging CMS’s air heater calculator can pinpoint problems in your APH and other parts of your operation. Corrosion and plugging (as shown here) often leads to cascading problems up- and down-stream that impact your company’s bottom line. CMS uses the industry’s most analytical tools to help you select the right repair or replacement option that meets your budget and operating requirements.

Is your air preheater quietly causing you problems and leading to hidden costs? When the air heater degradation begins, failure is not a linear process. A failed leaking tube may bring a zone near the tube below the acid dew point creating failures all around.

The CMS proprietary Air Leakage Calculator enables you to pinpoint problems in your system that are costing you money. Our unique software, which took years to develop, will pass performance related audits utilizing ASME type boiler and air heater calculations. The calculator analyzes boiler efficiency, air heater leakage, impacts to auxiliary power. The evaluation assesses impacts to emissions and associated equipment operating cost and cost of materials purchases and disposal. In addition, our energy calculator can even be used to estimate energy savings and reduction in emissions.

Once a unit model is created, a follow-up analysis can be performed at any time with little effort. You can track the unit and air heater performance over time with little effort. All it takes is a phone call and a download file of the previously selected process data.

Some APHs begin leaking the moment they go online. Using our calculator, we have measured leakage >50% in some units. Our unique monitoring is able to factor out the impacts on performance due to cooling water variations and weather changes which impact both turbine and fan performance.

After the initial analysis, we are able to continue monitoring your system and can provide periodic reports on request. A follow-up analysis requires little effort from site and CMS because the model has already been established and tested. And our analysis comes complete with a nondisclosure agreement to protect your proprietary in-house data.

Performance analysis may include review of historical data. In this case, the increase in leakage is seen in the flow from the forced draft fan. As the leakage increases, the net generation decreases. This is one example of hidden inefficiencies in your operating system, providing you with knowledge that puts you back in control, so that you can quickly assess and repair damaged equipment.

CMS Air Heater Calculator Features:
  • Boiler efficiency calculations as-found and/or historical comparisons
  • Air heater efficiency calculations as-found and/or historical comparisons
  • Air leakage determination (two method verification)
  • Boiler gas flow to stack determination (three method determination)
  • Impacts on unit auxiliary power due to leakage
  • Impacts on operating cost due to leakage
  • Impacts on emissions control raw materials
  • Historical trending of performance parameters
  • Economic analysis (FIR) based on completion of air heater inspection and repair estimate
  • Potential follow-up post repairs or monitor progression of deterioration
  • Estimated mercury emissions reductions due to repairs (leaving air heater)
  • CO2 reductions to stack due to repairs (all combustion)
  • CO reductions to stack due to repairs (all combustion)
  • Ash reductions leaving boiler due to repairs (all combustion but liquors)
  • SO2 reductions due to repairs (all combustion but liquors)
  • SO3 reductions due to repairs (all combustion but liquors)